At Defence Photography
we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge and experience of the defence and security sector.

Defence Photography Limited

Trevor Sheehan owns and runs Defence Photography and is our principal in-house photographer. He leads a Team of four other photographers who have specialist expertise in air to air photography (including High 'G'), Events/VIP photography, High Security and Technology.

Trained at the UK's Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Trevor was commissioned in 1979. After serving in the British Army, Trevor began working for BAE Systems, in senior management positions in the UK, Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Trevor was sponsored by BAE Systems for his MBA (Defence) at Hull University and was an MBA (Defence) external lecturer and examiner at the UK's Defence Academy.


Business Development

Alongside his core management roles in the defence industry Trevor continued with professional photography creating images as Bid Compliance Evidence; photographing customer visits and BAE Systems' defence events and exhibitions and documenting trials and demonstrations - many highly classified - across the world and in extreme climates.  It was this experince that led him to form Defence Photography Limited to provide specialist photography services to the global Defence and Security community.

Today, Defence Photography draws upon its Team's collective 100 years of photography and business experience whilst on photographic assignments for global defence and security clients.

" excellent photography Team with an eye for the unusual whilst understanding our business needs...they talk our language"

US Prime Contractor